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How It Works

Proonto is everything you need to create
more value from customer interaction.

predict what visitor want

Proonto tracks visitors’ behavior in real time to identify potential customer intent. The engagement-engine then targets those visitors that would more likely benefit from assistance.

This machine-learning algorithm results in +17% revenue growth for Proonto clients.

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Let The MAPS*
Do the Talking

The MAPS are experts of the Proonto platform providing Proonto clients with a knowledgeable and trained Ecommerce Representative force. 

Thanks to Proonto’s rigorous vetting process, 90% of The MAPS retain their positions for over 18 months.

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*MAP – stands for “machine-assisted Proonter”

what to expect


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be proactive to sell more

The Proonto Sales Chat Messenger gives customers of Proonto clients a seamless brand interaction touch point.

A mobile-first widget,  Sales Chat enables The MAPS to benefit past & live visitor data, send personalized messages, redirect visitors between pages and broadcast live video.

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Daniel Kane CEO of The Ridge Wallet

“Proonto helped us deliver greater customer service and increase conversion by providing immediate answers and education on the product”

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