Implementing the Proonto end to end solution can be done in three simple steps:

install proonto's code

Install the Proonto Code

After registering to Proonto, you will immediately receive an email containing your company ID and a snippet of code to deploy on your website, you can find all the details in our API documentation. Implementing the snippet of code will enable you to start using our customer engagement platform to create memorable customer experiences.

configure company setting

Configure your Company Setting

You can design the live chat appearance to fit your website in terms of colors and vibes. In your company settings you’ll also see a segment titled “Hot Lead Segmentation” which will help you distinguish visitors with a higher purchase or engagement potential from the ‘ordinary’ visitor.

find your agents

Find a Sales Associate to Staff your Live Chat

Explore our global community of top sales associates to find the one that is just right for your site. Once you found the one/s you want, you can go ahead and message, test certify and manage your new sales & support team. Click here to open an account and start looking for your sales associates.